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New backlink strategy suitable with Google Penguin

by November 07th 2012

As we knew, on Aprill 2012 Google have made some change with their search algorithm, old algorithm is Google Panda was replaced by new search algorithm is Google Penguin and this new search algorithm tell us that we must have some change in backlink building strategy.

Some tips in building site for SEO

by October 25th 2012

Site's content is very important, try to building your site friendly for users first and the second for search engines. Understanding that if your site is easy for users, certainly it's easy for search engines in identifing you site's content write about what ?

Search engine optimization

by August 12th 2012

Have you ever heard about SEO? Can be yes or no, but with webmasters SEO is a indispensable part of them? So what is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation of the phrase "search engine optimization", SEO mean how to do for the website have a high ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask...

Backlink service

by July 10th 2012

As previously stated, to get high ranking in search engines, we must do two basic part of SEO is seo onpage and seo offpage, all our customers are good webmasters, they can easily optimizate their site's content and make it friendly in search engines, but the most importants work is seo offpage...

Research and navigate keyword

by June 15th 2012

Researching and navigating keyword is one important part in seo onpage, if you can do it well, you will save many time and money. Before building strong backlink, you must finish research keyword and find out some main keyword to develop...