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FLBForum Link Building Service

Forum link building is one powerful method in search engine optimization (SEO), forum is place have many people or many group of people talking about many hot threads, so building link from these forums by create posting in these hot threads are very effect for SEO and be much appreciated in search engines because search engines easily index your link from posting in high quality forums.

Now we offer forum link building service (FLB), your link will be posted in quality forum posting under signature, we'll must read each post for trying to understand the content and then we will write the quality opinion in these threads as other many members. By this way, your link is built naturally and this will be appreciated in search engines, let build strong backlink for your site by using this powerful service.

forum link building features

feature 1 100 % manually submission

feature 2 99 % are permanent

feature 3 High PR forums with PR 3+

feature 4 1 user/email/pass for all forums

feature 5 Full and detailed report

feature 6 ** You can use 1-3 keywords and 1-3 url

feature 6 ***New backlinks will be updated regularly

But, low quality forums will not give high effect, just high PR (page rank) and high quality forum bring to your site the highest effect, so we must find out high PR forum which have PR 3+ in our forum list to build your backlink. Using our service, you can be ensured that you're using high quality service and will create high quality backlinks for your site to improve your site ranking in search engines.

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-Please choose one package and make a payment for this package, then please send us your order information including 1-3 keywords, you can send order information by:

1. Using forum link building order form: click here to send

2. Send us an email contain your order information to:

After making your order, we will check your order detail and send you one confirmation email within 24 hour. Complete your order, we will deliver an excel sheet contain all your links.

forum link building packagesForum Link Building Packages

Total posts
Order Now
10 forum accounts with 5 posts per account
50 Posts
3-5 Days


15 forum accounts with 5 posts per account
75 Posts
4-6 Days


20 forum accounts with 5 posts per account
100 Posts
6-8 Days


25 forum accounts with 5 posts per account
125 Posts
8-10 Days


30 forum accounts with 5 posts per account
150 Posts
10-12 Days


***Payment methods accepted:forum link building payment methods