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ASK: How many keywords (KW) i can use in your services?

ANS: In high PR backlink profile service(HBP), you can use 1-3 KW enclose 3 URLs the same or different. In social bookmarking service (SB), you can just use only one KW and one URL per order. In forum link building service (FLB), you can use 1-3 KW per Order. In blog comment service (BC), you can just use only one KW per order. Finally, in complete link building service - all in one (CBL), you can use 1-3 KW per order.

ASK: How to order?

ANS: Very easy, the first you must choose one package in pricing table and make a payment for this package, and then please send us your order information including KW, URL...You can do it by using order form or send us one email which contain your order information.

ASK: What does the report mean?

ANS: When completed your order, we will send you one report contain all your links under excel sheet, this report will show you all about your order.

ASK: What do payment methods you accept?

ANS: We use PayPal gateway to make payment for security, so you can make a payment to us by using PayPal account or by credit card including: Master Card, Visa Card, Discover, American Express.

ASK: If over the time that i have not received the report, what should i do?

ANS: In this case, please contact to solve the problem. Some case we have finished sending the report but the cilents did not reveice them due to error of mail box, they use webmail like, webmail sometime have a few troube like this, so the best please leave us your contact email of Google, Yahoo...

ASK: If when i have made a payment for one package and sent my order information to you, but i have not received the confirmation email, what should i do?

ANS: In this case, please contact by using contact page or send us one email to solve the problem. May be due to the delay in confirm your payment from PayPal, but don't worry your problem will be solved soon.

ASK: What are the backlink Ping and RSS submission?

ANS: We use two these methods to support cilents in increase effect of backlink. Pinging make backlink be indexed quickly and RSS submission make your backlink have in some page more, both of them are free.

ASK: What is PR and how to check PR?

ANS: PR is pagerank of website which be rated by Google, so it be called Google pagerank, the lowest pagerank is zero (0) and the highest pagerank is ten (10), you can check your site's pagerank at

ASK: How can i see my website ranking jumping

ANS: You can check your alexa traffic jumping at Alexa homepage and it must take a time to google index your link then your site ranking will be improved in search engines.

...Updated by May 07 2018