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Some tips in building site for SEO

by October 25th 2012

Site's content is very important, try to building your site friendly for users first and the second for search engines. Understanding that if your site is easy for users, certainly it's easy for search engines in identifing you site's content write about what ? Outsite the content, the structure of site is one very important, in this post we will say about some basic thing in building content and structure of website for seo and hope that it's will help you a little few thing in developing your site.

1. Meta tag

The main meta tags including:

- Meta title: Title should be no longer than 70 characters, title must contain the main information about your service, users will easily understand your site about what and you should skillfully insert 1 to 2 main keyword in title but avoid keyword stuffing in title.

- Meta description: Description should be no longer than 120 characters, description tag is one elucidation fully about your site and some more other information. As title tag, you should skillfully insert 1-2 main keyword in description tag and avoid keyword stuffing in description tag.
- Meta keywords: Keywords tag contain your main keywords and some other relative keywords. Remember don't repeat keywords in keywords tag.

2. Content in body tag

The first, body should be started by h1 tag, h1 is the main title of web page. Remember that, one page just have only one h1 tag, one page can have more than one h2, h3 tag. Content shouldn't be too long or too short, the main content contain your site's information should be written naturally and easy understanding for users, each page should be have 1, 2 main keywords and they are repeated a few time in all the text of content. Avoiding keyword stuffing, don't stuff too many keywords in one page, you should research and navigate keyword before writing the content.

3. Images

The speed loading of site is one important factor in rating site of search engines, if you use too many images in one page, the speed of site is can be low, so the first advice is don't use too many images in one page. The second, as said before the speed loading of website sometimes give us trouble in ranking, so let minimize the size of images as you can. The end, search engines can't read images, so you should add alt and title tag for images, this will help you a little thing in developing website.

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