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Research and navigate keyword

by June 15th 2012

Researching and navigating keyword is one important part in seo onpage, if you can do it well, you will save many time and money. Before building strong high PR backlinks, you must finish research keyword and find out some main keyword to develop. Search engines can not recognize main keywords if your site's content does not focus on anything, content be written generally. A website is much appriciated in search engines if it's site with rich content and useful for users, so the first you must build your site with rich content and useful for users.

And then you must skillfully navigate the main keyword for search engines, it's must be done naturally. The main keyword should be put on title tag and repeat a few times in all text of content. But avoid keyword stuffing, keyword should be around 3-5% on all text of content, keywords are repeated too many time in content will be seen as keyword spamming.

But it's very difficult to develop the keywords like iphone, fashion, wedding...because these keywords belong large firms, and they are too high competitive keywords, you can not success if choose the keywords like them. So you should wisely choose keywords which be not too high competition to develop. You can research about keyword at keyword research tool of Google, many useful factors about keyword such competition, traffic, trends...will be listed at there. The first, you should develop with long keyword and then with shorter keywords. Hope this short post can help you a liltle thing for you in developing your site.

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